Nick Novak discusses how Act 10 helped school districts on Wisconsin Public Radio

June 15, 2015 Wisconsin Public Radio [Superior, Wisc…] Wisconsin school districts are struggling to balance their budgets, and tensions over changes at one northern Wisconsin district have reached a boiling point. The Spooner school board might seek an independent review of the district, superintendent and the board itself. The day before the end of the school[…]

Nick Novak discusses taxpayer support of a new Bucks arena with Milwaukee’s TMJ4-TV

June 8, 2015 Today’s TMJ4 – Milwaukee’s NBC Affiliate [Milwaukee, Wisc…] Numerous groups have come together in a coalition to support the construction of a Milwaukee Bucks arena. On Monday, they pushed for the new venue at a news conference in Madison. The funding plan would include three government entities and the Wisconsin Center District combining to[…]

Nick Novak joins Charlie Sykes for the Week-in-Review on Milwaukee’s AM620 WTMJ

June 5, 2015 AM620 WTMJ Milwaukee [Milwaukee, Wisc…] Nick Novak, Director of Communications at The John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy, joined Charlie Sykes and Collin Roth on the Right Wisconsin Week in Review on 620AM WTMJ to discuss the newly proposed Bucks arena funding plan and the possibility of repealing Wisconsin’s prevailing wage[…]