Nick Novak on Wausau’s WAOW-TV: Manufacturers Feel Snubbed by Vaccine Priority List

WAUSAU – It’s one of the of the hardest working industries in the badger state, and workers have no ability to login from home, but manufacturing workers are with-held from the priority list to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations, manufacturing workers were listed in the same[…]

Nick Novak on Madison’s WISC-TV: ‘Incredibly Disappointed’ Manufacturing Workers Left Off Vaccine Eligibility List

MADISON -The COVID-19 vaccine rollout has some manufacturing workers in the state feeling left out.On Monday, an estimated two million people in Wisconsin with high-risk medical conditions become eligible for the vaccine as part of Phase 1C. The Centers’ for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations put manufacturing workers in Phase 1B, but the State Disaster[…]