Chicago Blackhawks win, Madison, Wisconsin kids lose

June 16, 2015

by Nick Novak

Originally published by The Washington Times.

This is going to come out a little blunt, but I feel that bluntness is required here. Chicago Blackhawks fans (of which I am one), you are racist. At least you are if you have the audacity to wear apparel with the team’s logo on it. Or, heaven forbid, your Patrick Kane jersey.

So, to all of you showing support for the 2015 Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawks, I hope you understand the terrible act you’re committing. Your Blackhawks apparel is offensive, and you should not be allowed to wear it.

The above opinion comes to you from the local public school board in Madison, Wisconsin. In what seems to be the first rule of its kind in the country, students will not be allowed to wear clothing to the district’s schools with Native American sports team names or logos.

Before the upcoming school year, the Native American Student Association will work with district officials to come up with a list of team names and logos that are prohibited. Two that will be on the list are the Chicago Blackhawks and the Florida State Seminoles, and it will surely grow much longer than that.

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