A message to Wisconsin policymakers: Go bold, or go home

January 21, 2015

by Nick Novak

Originally published by Watchdog.org.

With yet another Wisconsin election behind us, it is now time to focus on the policies that taxpayers deserve to see debated this legislative session. After four years of bold moves from the governor and legislators, even more is expected.

In November, Gov. Scott Walker was reelected – his third win in four years – and Republicans grew their majorities in both the State Assembly and Senate. If there was ever a time to pass bold reforms that continue to put taxpayers first, it would be now.

We know the special interests will once again come out of the woodwork to defend their privileged status or to seek a new hand out. It would be a mistake, however, to focus on the wants of the few and ignore the needs of every other hard-working Wisconsinite.

Instead, Wisconsin needs to enact more tax reforms, make courageous changes to how state government functions and ensure that our state is not letting down the next generation.

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