Nick Novak discusses disasterous rollout of Obamacare with Milwaukee’s FOX6 News

December 19, 2013

FOX6 News Milwaukee

[Milwaukee, Wisc…] Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele met with top White House officials to discuss insurance enrollment problems with the Affordable Care Act just days before a key deadline. Abele was back in Milwaukee on Thursday, December 19th with some good news for those enrolling.

Abele says the enrollment process is going smoothly and he encourages people who have been through the process to spread the word, especially since anyone who wants their coverage to start on January 1st must sign up by December 23rd.

“The web site is working smoothly and people know that there’s an increasing base of people who have been covered, a lot of whom have not had coverage before,” said Abele.

Despite an increase in sign ups, critics say enrollment statistics show the law is unpopular.

“Even now that they’ve claimed all of the bugs are worked out of the web site, we’ve only seen 365,000 people sign up nationwide and that’s just staggering considering they need seven million people to sign up by the end date of March 31st — so I think we can say overall the roll out and the enrollment has just been an absolute disaster,” said Nick Novak with the Maciver Institute.

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