Nick Novak discusses negative aspects of raising the minimum wage on Milwaukee’s 620WTMJ

August 28, 2015

AM620 WTMJ Milwaukee

[Milwaukee, Wisc…] Nick Novak joined Collin Roth, RightWisconsin Managing Editor, and Brian Sikma, Media Trackers Communications Director, on AM620 WTMJ as they filled in for Charlie Sykes to discuss the MacIver Institute’s new video series: Raising Up Wisconsin. The series looks into success stories of everyday Wisconsinites that started at minimum wage and have since moved their way up in to management and ownership.

Novak also highlights research that shows raising the minimum wage in Wisconsin to $15 would eliminate 91,000 jobs, taking away the opportunity for many people to gain the skills necessary to move up the career ladder.

Listen to the full interview here: