Nick Novak Express Concern with Governor’s Workforce Plan on Milwaukee’s CBS58

MILWAUKEE – Gov. Tony Evers announced he will invest $130 million in federal funds into grant programs aimed at addressing workforce challenges facing the state that has worsened since the pandemic.

Gov. Evers $130 million plan includes three new programs, Workforce Innovation, Worker Advancement, and Worker Connection all aimed to improve Wisconsin’s workforce. Evers’ announcement comes as Republican lawmakers and the state’s chamber of commerce have urged him address what they call a workforce crisis in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC), who have asked to meet with the governor to discuss workforce solutions, oppose his approach calling it a “disjointed plan” that fails to ensure the state attracts and retains workers.

“(Gov. Evers’) disjointed plan looks like it spends a whole lot of money without doing a lot,” said Nick Novak, spokesman for WMC. “What we really needs is a statewide effort that will bring people here to Wisconsin and to retain and train folks we already have here.”

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