Nick Novak Promotes National Safety Month on Eau Claire’s WQOW-TV

EAU CLAIRE – Injuries and incidents on the job happen, but what if there was a way to prevent them? June is National Safety Month, and this week’s topic focuses on incident prevention.

According to the National Safety Council, the U.S. saw its highest number of workplace deaths since 2007 with over 5,000 fatal workplace injuries in 2019.

The Wisconsin Safety Council wants to encourage management workers and businesses to identify risks and take proactive safety measures before they happen to ensure a safe workspace.

“A lot of incidents that happen throughout Wisconsin and throughout the country, whether in the workplace or somewhere else, are preventable, and that means that if you take extra precautions and you’re really conscious about safety, we could really reduce the number of accidents or injuries and deaths here in Wisconsin,” said Nick Novak, a spokesperson for the Wisconsin Safety Council.

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